Welcome to the RECARO Academy

Lifelong learning and professional development are at the heart of the RECARO Academy. Here, we put theory into practice and offer you a variety of opportunities to shape your individual development.

With the help of experts, various career programs, and accessible learning resources, we support you in your individual career development.

Hybrid Learning

At RECARO, you can expect a variety of continuing education opportunities. Our modern conference rooms are equipped with cutting-edge audio and video technology, enabling our trainers to interact effectively with on-site employees and online participants. Moreover, you have the flexibility to access our eLearning library from either the office or the comfort of your home.

Learning Environment

To make learning at RECARO an exciting and rewarding experience, we collaborate with both internal and external trainers. As an international company, our efforts are centered around the New Work concept –  making knowledge accessible to everyone.

With our eLearning platform, you can access relevant content at any time, allowing you to determine your own learning pace and path. Our digital knowledge library encourages the curiosity of our team members for lifelong learning worldwide.

Career Paths

The individualized RECARO training programs are designed to support you in achieving your career goals based on your personal needs. Each of us has unique strengths and interests.

With us, you can choose from various career paths – whether it’s a leadership, expert, or project management track. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to adapt and switch your career path. Our specialized development programs typically run for one year. At RECARO, you can take charge of your own future and take the next step in your professional journey.

Get to know our talents

Mentoring and Coaching

Education and competence development are two crucial foundations for a successful career. At RECARO, we value your individual aspirations and support your personal and professional growth. To achieve this, we offer personalized counseling sessions to provide optimal support through mentoring and coaching.

Within the mentoring and coaching programs, your questions and concerns are treated with respect and confidentiality.

Professional Development

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge and skills beyond your everyday work?

RECARO supports your desire for specialized training or competence-building workshops, as well as part-time studies, evening classes, or educational leave. We value employees who want to broaden their horizons and welcome anyone willing to invest in themselves. Additionally, our digital learning platform, Skillsoft/Percipio, offers an extensive library of information that you can read and practice at your own pace and in your preferred language (German, English, Mandarin, and Polish). At RECARO, you can continuously acquire new skills and keep on learning.